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Are you strong enough to be my (our) man (men)?

on April 19, 2012

Sing it, Sheryl Crow. Being married to a twin can be a unique experience, and for this reason (and many others) we want to introduce you to two of the most important forces behind this blog – our hot husbands. Without their constant love and cheer leading, this blog probably wouldn’t exist. So we thought we’d take a few minutes and introduce you to them. You’ll be hearing from them once in a while on subjects ranging from what it’s like to be married to a twin to the awkward scenarios that being married to a twin can cause, and how to deal with them. We think that they’re pretty darn fab (and we know you’ll agree).

Where to even begin with my (Bre) hubs , Jeremiah (Miah for short, I know, I know, that’s a girl name, but he’s been called that since the beginning of time so no point in trying to change it now). We have been married since August of 2010, FIVE whole years after Britt tied the knot, but hey, I was taking my time prancing around Scotland and what not. The long and short of it is we met at an online dating website. My mom in her I’m-just-trying-to-help-a-little-bit way signed me up and created a profile behind my back (can you even believe that?!) and didn’t tell me that she had done so until my profile had been up and live for 2 whole weeks! As you can imagine I was mortified when she called me up one day for a chat and spilled the beans about her secret online matchmaking activities and boy was I surprised. In fact, I distinctly remember saying something along the lines of “I’m never going to talk to you again” but I soon got over it and thought “what the heck”! Flash forward a couple of months and I received an email from this guy with a profile that had no picture (sounds promising, doesn’t it? NOT!) And to make a horrifically long story short I ended up marrying that picture-less guy from the land of Online. It still amazes me how it all worked out and I had to high-five my mom for completely sabotaging me.

Miah works as a Quality Assurance Manager/Safety Engineer for a local company that serves clients in the oil and gas industry. Being the safety man that he is I can always count on him to tell me when I’m picking up a box incorrectly or standing too close to a bonfire (good grief) but seriously, I think this will come in handy when we have little ones running around. He loves animals, hiking, football, wrestling (the Olympics kind, not that WWE crap!), soda pop and gummy candy and of course yours truly. He’s my right-hand and I don’t know what I would do without his unconditional love. He’s a romantic through and through and does a fantastic job at making me feel like a total schmuck on every anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Monday, Tuesday, you get the idea. I would be wise to take lessons from him.  He has one of those laughs that make everyone around him giggle and he’s the best snuggler ever.

My (Britt) fab husband is Stephen (more commonly referred to as Steve). We’ve been married for 7 blissful years come this August, and I have NO idea where the time has gone. Don’t get me wrong, by “blissful” I am in no way inferring that our marriage is perfect (because it’s not) or that we never disagree (because what couple in a healthy relationship doesn’t?), but even after 7 years of marriage, I am still loving it! We’ve know each other for much longer than that (almost 12 years) and I truly feel blessed to have married my best friend (cheesy, I know, but so true). I think he is even hotter than the day that we met, and every time I think I can’t love him any more, it happens. Heaven help me when we have kids and I see him as a father. My heart can’t handle it!

He is currently working as a medical social worker in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Maternity Unit at a local hospital and is loving it (I mean, who WOULDN’T love hanging out with cute babies all day?) He’s a gun aficionado, runner, and likes to play a mean game of Call of Duty on the XBOX with his brother-in-law from time to time. He loves cheese, being a daddy to our adorable pups, and staying up late. But most of all, he loves me and encourages me and walks hand-in-hand with me to help me achieve my dreams. I can truly say that I feel loved unconditionally, and I think this is one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive in this life. I am truly blessed.

P.S. Yes, your eyes are not fooling you –  that IS Steve holding a kitty litter box looking way too excited. Not to worry, he hasn’t lost his marbles – he’s simply showing off the gross (and surprisingly delicious) dessert that he made for a Halloween party a couple of years ago.


5 responses to “Are you strong enough to be my (our) man (men)?

  1. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    Fun post! I look a little similar to my sister so sometimes when we’re together with family it can throw Kevin off if he sees her out of the corner of his eye. I can only imagine with twins that it is SOOOO much harder!!:) Britt, it’s fun for me to read about you and Steve as I was there when your relationship started. Bre, it’s so wonderful to hear about your good husband and how happy you are. I am happy for you both.

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks Karen! It’s awesome to have you here supporting us by reading the blog! Yes, we have had a few awkward experiences where Steve has thought that Bre was me, or Miah thought I was Bre, and we’ll be expounding on that. It should give you a laugh. We are both very lucky that we married such awesome men.

  2. Cathy says:

    loving the blog so far…. go girls go!

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