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The Kids (for now anyway)

on April 20, 2012

You’ve met the hotness behind Twinderful Life and now it’s time to meet the kidlets – Sawyer, Porsche, and Sparky. Aren’t they the cutest? We definitely plan on having real-live human children of our own someday, but for now, these three are the apples of our eyes (and boy do they know it!). We’ve always loved animals, and grew up with several generations of dogs, cats, rats (I know this may creep some of you out, but they were very clean and cute rats and were named Rum & Coke), snakes, frogs, and the occasional snail from the garden (which our mom promptly threw out in the street). We have a major soft spot for all of God’s creatures (except for spiders and sharks) and I am especially fond of anything miniature (dogs, horses, goats, bunnies – if it has “dwarf,” “toy,” or “pygmy” in the title I am on board). Each of our dogs has their own personality, which we will briefly expound upon.

Sawyer is Bre’s adorable, wicked smart, and stubborn Puggle. His birthday is May 12th and as a Taurus he doesn’t forgive easily. He is an expert pouter when he doesn’t get his way. He is known by many names: Wuggle pup, Sawyer pup, Puggle Wuggle, etc. He loves treats and will do any trick necessary to get one. Right now his repertoire includes sit, roll over, stay, jump, twirl, high-five and shake.  He loves walks, having his nails painted (okay, maybe that’s just something he tolerates), being brushed and playing with his Daddy. He is great with kids and will make a wonderful big brother someday. Bre & Miah have a hard time putting him in time-out when he does something naughty because he gives them his little puppy-dog face and it’s impossible to stay upset. Ya, they’re pretty much wrapped around his little paw.

Porsche is our (mine and Steve’s) little princess. Steve gave Porsche to me as a gift when she was just 2 months old, and it was love at first sight! She thinks that she should be able to eat from the table, sleep in the bed, and pretty much do anything that Mommy and Daddy get to do. Her precious little face will melt your heart, but don’t be fooled, she’s as manipulative as they come (an earmark of the miniature dachshund breed). She loves her rope bone, exploring outside, and especially cuddling with her daddy. We literally probably kiss and squish her 200 times a day, and luckily, since we’ve been doing this to her since birth, she is used to it.

Sparky(left) and Porsche(right) LOVE to be outside!

Sparky is our lover. We adopted him as an older dog (3 years old) when Porsche was about a year old. He is easy-to-please, mild-mannered, and his goal in life is to be held at all times. He lives for going to the park and playing fetch with a tennis ball and is the sweetest older brother to Porsche (even though they technically aren’t related). He’ll play endless games of “chase” with her around the house, and he is always the “chaser,” but he never complains. His honey-brown eyes will make your heart melt, and our home wouldn’t be the same without him.

There you have it – the cutest little dogs this side of the Rocky Mountains (at least we think so).

Do you have furry members of the family that you can’t wait to come home to? Do they think they are people too? Tell us all about it.


2 responses to “The Kids (for now anyway)

  1. Cathy says:

    great shots of the kids…. loved the post:)

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