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Take a Hike!

on April 30, 2012

Good morrow, friends, and welcome to another week! You may have noticed that our Saturday post was sorely lacking this week here at Twinderful Life. Bre was still recovering and then, on Friday, I started feeling like I was trying to come down with something, so I spent the weekend in bed trying to make sure it didn’t get any worse. So far, it appears that this endeavor was a success as I am feeling much better today. But enough about that. Please consider the following your Saturday/Monday post.

As we mentioned in our very first post, we launched this blog on our 27th birthday as a present to ourselves. “Wow, what a fantastic gift…(not),” you may be thinking. Not to worry, we know how to party and made sure to do plenty more to celebrate. It just so happens that birthdays around here aren’t just amazing because we share it as twins, but we also happen to share our birthday with my too-hot-to-handle husband. This coincidence pretty much gives us full license to have triple the fun on our birthday, and this year, we all decided to take our first hike of the season, complete with the dogs and our madre. It was a blast! The weather couldn’t have been more amazing and, by some birthday miracle, our fabulous mother made it all the way to the top! She was such a trooper!

In case any of you live here in the great Beehive State, this hike is called “Grandeur Peak” and you can access it from Millcreek Canyon. The websites that we read about it said that this was an easy 5 mile round-trip hike, but don’t be fooled. The actually distance is closer to 6.5 miles (since you have to walk to the trail head from the road if you go before the gate opens in the summer) and we would classify it as modest for anyone who works out semi-frequently. It is very picturesque and you climb to the top of a mountain in such a short amount of time, so it should definitely be on your Spring/Summer hiking list. I will now try to convince you with some pics from the trail.

Have a fantastic Monday!


2 responses to “Take a Hike!

  1. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    Looks like a FABULOUS birthday celebration! You all look wonderfully happy.

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