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The fortune cookie that didn’t fear

on May 7, 2012

The other day Britt and I grabbed lunch at one of our all-time favorite lunch spots, Thai Basil. If you live in Utah and haven’t been there I totally recommend it. The mango sticky rice is TO. DIE. FOR. On our way out the door we snagged a couple of fortune cookies. Now if you’re like me when I crack open a fortune cookie I’m expecting something silly or completely random and in our family we like to play a childish game where we add the phrase “in bed” to the end of every fortune. Does anyone else do that? We’re inappropriate like that and that’s just how we roll. Imagine my surprise when I broke open the crunchy goodness and received not really a fortune, but rather an insightful phrase:

You can either follow your fears or be led by your passion.

Britt and I have been talking about this very thing the past few weeks. How did the fortune cookie know? It’s like it was psychic or something or the machine that slipped that itty-bitty piece of paper into that cookie was divinely inspired. My mind immediately flew to a ridiculous vision of a little old oriental man full of wisdom lovingly slipping this jewel into a delicious cookie in hopes that it would inspire just the right person. However it came to reside in that crispy golden shell I will never know, but I was grateful for the reminder.

Fear is a funny thing. There have been a few times in my life where I have let my courage fly out the window and fear take the steering wheel.  The decisions that I have made in fearful moments I have come to regret EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Though fear does sometimes have its moments that are like a warning call to our brains that protect us and keep us safe I think that most of the time we let fear control our actions which can hold us back from opportunities to grow and stretch in this crazy life of ours. Stepping out of our comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable, but I can tell you that each time I have let courage guide my actions instead of fear I have never been regretful for the learning and growing that always seems to follow.

Take this blog, for example. Britt and I have had this idea of starting a blog about twins/life/happiness for over a year now, but we always seemed to put it off because of fear of the unknown. Would we have enough stuff to talk about? Would people enjoy reading it? Would it really be helpful? All of these questions were unknown and still are as we continue to grow this baby of ours. Thank goodness we finally got our act together and shoved fear off the cliff with a swift kick in the pants and let courage step up to the plate. And you know what? We have yet to feel regret for doing so. In fact, I think it has brought more excitement and energy into our every day lives.

One major event in my life where I gave fear the boot and followed my gut was when I took a job here in Utah and moved back down from Washington and away from my awesome husband. We had been kicking around the idea of moving to Utah for a change of scenery and to be closer to family so we had started applying for jobs in the Salt Lake area. I was shocked/nervous/scared when I landed a great job just 2 short months after we had been married. I could have easily let fear take the front seat and stayed in Washington and waited until we both found jobs, but instead and I knew that this opportunity was a gift and that everything would work out. We lived apart, flying back and forth from Washington once-a-month for over a year. Was it hard? You bet! One of the most difficult experiences of my life thus far, but now that he is down here with a fantastic job that he loves I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions that we ever made. Though we lived apart we grew very close and our relationship became stronger than ever. It proved to both of us that we can do hard things. I know that experience will give us a boost when we encounter other trials along the way and I’m so glad that we made that decision with faith and courage rather than with anxiety and fear.

A promise that I have made to myself is that I will NEVER make a decision based on fear. I don’t want to miss out on all the fantastic and sometimes crazy learning opportunities that I know will help me grow as a wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc. I say give fear the boot and let courage and faith take the reins.

Have you ever let fear dictate a decision you have made that has made you regretful later? What things do you do to get rid of that fear that can hold you back from becoming your best self? We would love to hear about how you have been courageous. If you are needing some inspiration or an example of what courage looks like I recommend reading Stephanie Neilson’s story Heaven is Here or visit her blog at


3 responses to “The fortune cookie that didn’t fear

  1. Brittany says:

    Sis, I feel SO inspired right now. You represented on this post like woah!

  2. Cathy says:

    I have made a decision out of fear. I was young, unwise, and scared out of my mind about a situation that I had placed myself in. Fear took the reins of that journey initially. I could see my consistent choices that I was making out of fear was not helping the situation any better. I luckily had a great friend who helped me see this situation was way bigger than just me and it involved other’s lives not just mine. So even though the fear was still there by my side I decided to ackknowledge the fear was there but to set it aside and not make a choice from that place anymore and for me started to rely upon my savior for that extra help to control my fear based actions. It helped me grow so much and I made the best choices ever by not making a choice from being afraid. I would like to say that it all had a happy ending but we can not control others involved who are also making choices out of fear. I grew so much from that experience and as the situation turned out I was the lucky blessed one and I learned and grew so much from that experience. Thank you Breanna for sharing this message,I too have learned… Never ever make a life changing decision out of fear….you will find some of the greatest opportunities by hanging in there.

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