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Introducing Twinterviews

on May 11, 2012

Here at Twinderful Life one of our main goals is to share information… LOTS of information. It’s our hope to pass along useful tricks and tips to help families in raising their little bundles of love, particularly those little joys that decide to come 2 and 3 and (heaven forbid!) 4 at a time. To kick us off (and in honor of Mother’s Day) we interviewed our wonderful Mother (Cathy) who, in our opinion, couldn’t have done a better job at raising us to be the successful adults that we are today. Here we go!

Breanna and Mom at Bre’s Wedding

1. What are some of your favorite things about having twins?

I feel very special to have twins that are identical (read more about the difference between identical and fraternal twins here). I knew I was having identical twin girls in my 4th month of pregnancy after having a very vivid dream about them. This was confirmed at my 5 month check-up by my doctor. I was scared out of my mind, but also elated. One of my favorite things about having twins is that I get to have 2 babies at the same time and when they are identical it’s even more amazing to watch them grow and see their diversity and how different they can be even though they look exactly alike. When they were little I didn’t have to entertain them, they always had their playmate right with them. I never had to put the T.V. on for entertainment because the girls entertained themselves and made up the cutest games. I enjoyed watching the healthy competition between the 2; where one would excel the other would step up to the challenge and they would become successful together. I loved watching them play and interact with each other.

2. What is the hardest part of raising twins?

Finances. It always costs twice as much and both children are enrolled in lessons, getting braces, playing sports etc. at the same time. You can’t have one of them wait their turn because it seems unfair to the other twin.

3. How did you foster independence in each twin?

As soon as the girls realized that they looked similar (about 4 years old) I started dressing them in different colors and outfits. If one twin showed interest in one thing I would encourage that diversity even if the other twin wasn’t interested and wanted to participate in something else. I never compared the girls. Watching them as babies I realized that they were separate individuals with different wants and needs and tried to give each girl what they needed.

Brittany, Mom and Breanna at Crater Lake, Oregon

4. How did you stay sane when raising your twins?

I had a good support system from my parents. They were very helpful since I was raising twins as a single parent. My Mom and Dad made sure that I had private time on my own to hang out with friends if I needed to, but a lot of the friends that I chose to hang out with enjoyed having my twins around which made it easier because I could bring my twins along and I would watch one twin and my friend would watch the other. They were very inclusive of my twins.

5. Do you have any tips or tricks that you have used to save money while raising twins?

The bottom line is TWINS ARE EXPENSIVE! Expect the costs and try to prepare as best you can. This is mainly because you are dealing with 2 children at the same age doing the same things at the same time. I have seen some parents make one twin wait for (fill in the blank) while the other twin participates in something and it has never been successful. I will tell you that you only need 1 crib for the first year. I purchased 2 cribs and 1 went empty for the entire first year because my girls preferred to sleep together which makes total sense when you remember that they hung out together in the womb for 9 months. If you want to save money, don’t buy identical outfits but a lot more of a variety of clothing so that you have lots of options when it comes to clothing your babies. Buy equipment used. When I was raising my twins they didn’t have cool online websites like Craigslist, KSL Classifieds or Amazon so I didn’t really have the option to shop around for something used. But if I had twin babies now you bet I would be looking for a good deal on gently used items. When they start driving have them share the same car and let them figure out their itineraries together. Start saving early for college and instill in your children a good work ethic so that they can excel and try to apply for scholarships.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give other parents of twins?

Treat them independently, but at the same time encourage them to be close. Try to spend alone time with each twin one-on-one. Celebrate their twinness because it is unique and special. Don’t get too caught up in trying to individualize them because there is a special bond there that you want to encourage. As a parent of twins realize that you will always be the third wheel and that you are special to your children, but that each twin will be the closest with the other twin. And finally, whether you have twins or a singleton, children need to be raised with a religious/spiritual background. This helps to guide them through the difficult patches and also helps to foster children who have faith and hope.

There you have it, kids! We love our Mom so much and we know that you will be your own kind of best parent to your twins/children. We are planning on showcasing a twinterview every single Friday so if you (or someone who you know who has twins/multiples) would like to share your thoughts then we would love it if you would visit our twinterviews page and share your thoughts and ideas. We are still in the process of refining the questioner, but we will have it up and running soon! Thanks for visiting and we hope that you have a spectacular Mother’s Day!

Mom and Britt in San Francisco


2 responses to “Introducing Twinterviews

  1. Cathy says:

    I sure do love my baby girls! No matter how old you two get…. and how tall and grown up you are for my lap…. you will always be my sweet baby girls. Can I just share something I love about you two….#1 Your spunkiness and love of life:) #2 your incredibly blue/hazel sparkling spanish eyes….#3 your wonderful bright (white teeth that I paid a fortune for… lol) warm smile. There are so many more things I just love about you two…. I just had to share these 3 today. Kisses

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