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Finding Happiness Challenge Update

on May 17, 2012

Howdy hey neighbors. It’s time to hear about how your Finding Happiness Challenge went! This Monday (3 days ago) marked the last day of the 21 day challenge. In case you missed the post that explained what the challenge consisted of go here.

I did this challenge in February and it rocked my world. It’s been a few months since then but I still try to do some of the things mentioned in the challenge like writing complimentary e-mails to coworkers and writing down one thing that went well every day. I keep my “things that went well” in my The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record by Gretchen Rubin. It rests comfortably on my bedside table as an easy reminder to me to write something every night before I crawl into bed. I’ve also tried adding a few ideas of my own to my routine and I’ve noticed that these things consistently make me feel happier:

  • I try to take my dogs on a walk every other day after I get home from work. The weather is amazingly beautiful here in Salt Lake right now and I love being outside after a hectic day.
  • I watch less T.V. and read more.
  • I try to get out on the weekend to hike.
  • I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and am reminded that I know some freaking AMAZING people.
  • I’ve stopped being so hard on myself. I’m a mover and a shaker and I like to plan out my days. I used to get frustrated if I didn’t finish each and every little thing that I had set my mind to do in a day, but now, if I don’t get everything done, I don’t become frustrated. I just tell myself that there will be time to do it tomorrow, or the next day…

Since completing my own Finding Happiness Challenge and incorporating the few things mentioned above into my routine I have definitely noticed a change in the “lens” through which my brain views the world. I find that I automatically have more patience with myself. It is easier for me to remember that each person that I meet is my brother or sister and I love them more. I don’t envy others. I find myself filled with so much gratitude during the day. I feel so much more content with my life, even if I’m not in the exact place that my old self used to think that I needed to be at this point in time. And, my favorite “lens” change of all, I find that my brain magically finds the positives in all situations, almost like it has its own free will and is making that choice for me. It rocks!

Now we want to hear what you’ve noticed since finishing the challenge. And if you haven’t taken it yet, don’t waste another second! It is SO worth it. Until tomorrow…


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