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Weekend Recap in Photos

on May 21, 2012

Mondays here are busy busy busy… hence the reason why I’m not getting to this post until nearly 11pm. Britt is deathly ill with some sort of virus (she has one more day to recover before our girl’s trip that we leave for on Wednesday) and I told that I will make her go hiking regardless. She has been warned. Just kidding, sis, even if we just end up laying by the pool I know we’ll still have blast!

We had a GREAT weekend over in these parts so I thought I would share our adventures through pictures because my brain is lacking words at this late hour and, well, everyone loves pictures, right?! If you follow me on Instagram already @twinderfullife then you may have already seen some of these so my apologies. Catcha later!


3 responses to “Weekend Recap in Photos

  1. rebecca thomas hajrulla says:

    What a fun wkend!! Cathy looks good and so did that food and especially the bday cake! Glad you’al had a great time!!!

  2. chelseysharp says:

    Look at your Garden! Fabulous!!!

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