It's a Twinderful Life

Looking For the Silver Lining in All of Life's Clouds

How to Get to Carefree

on May 22, 2012

How does one get to Carefree? Is that even possible? Well, the answer might be less complicated than you think. From Salt Lake it’s a 1.5 hour plane ride and 30 minutes by car whereupon you’ll arrive at a beautiful little town in the Sonoran Desert called Carefree, Arizona. This week Twinderful Life will be venturing there to see what this little place is all about. Bre, our mom, and I are taking a little girl’s vacation to soak in some sunshine, heat, and hiking in this little place just north of Phoenix, and we’re taking you all along for the ride. Everyday we’ll do a post on the amazing things that we discover while we’re there and, hopefully, it’ll inspire you to grab you best pals and take an adventure of your own. And if you’re from Phoenix or if you’ve ever been there and have some suggestions on places we shouldn’t miss, let us know in the comments below. Until tomorrow!


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