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There is no Arizona, no painted desert, no Sedona…

on May 29, 2012

Well… actually there is, but I really love that song so I had to make a reference. We had a BLAST in Arizona for our girls trip this last week. It was gorgeous! This was our first attempt at a girl’s trip and I’ll tell you what… we can’t wait to plan the next one. Don’t get us wrong, we love our husbands, but there was something so relaxing about just hangin’ out with the girls by the pool and taking it easy. We all returned refreshed. I can honestly say it was the most relaxing trip I have ever had. To sum it up, I’ll zip my lip and show you the fun we had through pictures. We heart you Arizona and we hope to see you again very soon!

We had fun doing each other’s hair… here is a single-braid hair wreath on Britt

My Momma’s beautiful hair

Double-braided hair wreath on Bre

Bre & Mom at a FAB Mexican Restaurant called Tia Rosa

Britt & our friend Jerolyn who lives in Mesa at Tia Rosa

Beautiful lit tree at Tia Rosa

Beautiful Mesa, Arizona Temple… I LOVE the architecture!

Britt & Mom standing next to a HUGE cactus

Cactus flower

Room Service!

We had the coolest fire pit right outside our room… warming the toesies

This bird loved our patio chair so much he decided to poop on it and then hang out next to it

This is my attempt at taking a cool picture of Mom & Britt while hiking

We had dinner on a roof in Cave Creek… very cool atmosphere

Love us some HIKING!

My new addictions… sooooo good

Love me my Whole Foods salad bar and they had one just a few miles away from the resort… SCORE!

Crazy fun vacation nails… HEART!

As you can see, we had an absolute blast and we would recommend hangin’ with the girls in Arizona the first chance you get. We hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day!


One response to “There is no Arizona, no painted desert, no Sedona…

  1. rebecca thomas hajrulla says:

    Looks like a twinderful time with mommy…. Would love to join sometime….

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