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My Kingdom for a Cute, Modest, Affordable Swimsuit

on May 30, 2012

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It can be a rough go transitioning back to normal life post-vacation, but we’re doing our best. It IS nice to be home with my fabulous husband and pups, even if Porsche IS giving me the cold shoulder – she’s such a little drama queen. I leave for 6 days and she acts like I’ve abandoned her and her daddy is her new best friend. I’m sure she’ll come around eventually.

Anywho, while relaxing our days away by the pool I noticed that I am in dire need of a new swimsuit this year. I was planning on getting one before we left but then came down with a virus that knocked me down like the plague and spent several days leading up to our trip trying to recover in bed. We’re all good now, and I owe it to the amazing Arizona weather and our state of carefree-ness. Back to the bathing suits…

Let me just start off by saying that bathing suit shopping isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I mean, it’s basically a futile attempt to find a miracle. I go from store to store and online looking for a small piece of stretchy cloth that is going to enhance the assets, lift the ladies, and at the same time, disguise my not so amazing areas. And as if that weren’t enough, I want to not have to sell my first-born child to afford said suit (I’ll admit it – I like to get my frugal on whenever possible). And so begins my search.

LOVE this suit from Athleta. Pros: Underwire bra top, vibrant colors, halter style, comes in tall sizes. Cons: A bit too low-cut for my taste, the $76 price tag (and that’s just for the top half)

I am OBSESSED with this color right now. Also from Athleta. Same pros and cons as above.

This suit from Land’s End is to DIE for. Pros: Awesome color, flattering style. Cons: No underwire, $90 price tag

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I’ve been eyeing this suit from Shabby Apple since last season. Pros: Amazing color and detail, covers all that needs to be covered, $54 price tag. Cons: No underwire

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SO fab, again from the Shabby Apple.  Pros: Color and detail, hides tummy imperfections. Cons: No underwire, $98 price tag.

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From Shabby Apple. Also comes with red straps and sash. Pros: EVERYTHING about this suit is SO fab. Cons: No underwire, $88 price tag.

Where do you buy your swimsuits? Is there a place that you’ve found that you absolutely love? How much are you willing to pay?


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