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Military Time vs. Standard Time

on June 6, 2012

Hey Kids. I’ve got a random post for you today on a topic that Breanna and I have had differences of opinion about for quite some time. Heaven knows that I am SO grateful for our armed forces that serve us every day to protect our freedoms and our American way of life. This respect has grown more and more as I’ve gotten older to the point where I have to restrain myself from crying when I hear the national anthem or from running up and squeezing the life out of some person in uniform at the store. It’s bad. I just can’t help it!

There is one thing, however, that I don’t necessarily appreciate on a daily basis – military time. Breanna thinks that using military time is so easy and leaves no room for questioning what the real time is. For example, if someone says that it’s 13:30, most people automatically know that it’s sometime after noon. You don’t even have to add the P.M. My qualm, however, is that it forces me to take at least 5 seconds to calculate because I have to subtract 12 from whatever the military time is. Wouldn’t it just be easier if someone told you it was 1:30 PM? I think so. But since I love the military as well as mixing things up, I will support  Bre in her use of military time (although I can’t guarantee that I won’t continue to tease her every time I check the time on her phone or her digital watch).

picture found here

What time system do you use, and why? Do you find that one is easier for you to use than another? Can anyone put forth a convincing argument that will persuade me to honor the military a little bit more by using their time? I’m listening…


3 responses to “Military Time vs. Standard Time

  1. Cathy says:

    let me say that I understand your frustration of using military time when you are used to the regular time all your life and mainly everything is done on the 12 0’clock time schedule. The military is not the only group of people who use the 24 hour clock. Hospitals use it and for good reason….maybe I can explain. Military time works on a 24 hour system. 0000=midnight;0100= 1:00am and so 1200=12:00pm;1800=6:00pm and so forth. It is done this way so there is no discrepency on the the time EVER! Some General or MD want’s something done at a particular time then it is important you are doing that job at that time. If some person/clerk etc. forgets to put the pm or am after a time that these guys want something done an error can occur and instead of doing the the task at 1400 which =2:00pm when they wanted it done you do it a 2:00am. That is 12 hours off and that could foul up a strategic military move or a patient’s necessary care–, that could have horrible consequences in either situation. It is more for preciseness than for any other reason. Everybody is on board in the military and the hospital staff on a 24 hour clock and no mistakes should be made by using this system. That is why it is used…. not for torture unless that is ordered to be done at 2000 which =8:00pm then you may have something to worry about:) Hope this helps:)

  2. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    That’s funny! I use standard time, but have gotten a little bit (and I mean little) used to military time because my husband will sometimes talk about it or use it. However, I better get more used to it because as of next summer we’ll be working for the Air Force as they are paying our last two years of school! Maybe I should start practicing!:)

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