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The Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games

on June 11, 2012

Happy Monday! We hope that your weekend was fantastic!

Ok Kids, if you live here in Utah and haven’t been to the Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games, you need to make it a point to mark it on your calendar next year. It lasts for two days and has everything from booths selling cool Celtic trinkets to the Highland Games (which we haven’t been able to make it to yet but hope to next year) to a fabulous concert on both Friday and Saturday nights. This weekend we went to the concert on Saturday night and it was AMAZING. The only thing that left more to be desired was the weather. It was a wind storm and was FREEZING! It felt like Autumn! Luckily Bre had the foresight to text Steve and me before we left asking us to bring extra blankets or else we would have been sad campers indeed.

The concert featured three bands: Dunmore Lasses, Molly’s Revenge (our favorite), and Wicked Tinkers. If you like Celtic music, then you need to check these peeps out  because they represent like woah. Bre and I both play the violin and have loved Celtic music ever since we could remember. We’ve stuck to he classical but have always wanted to learn more about how to fiddle. Maybe one of these days we’ll stop talking about it and just do it. Until then,  I’ll leave you with a pic of Bre and I FREEZING but having a grand ol’ time at the concert (you’ll notice that our awesome husbands trekked for 10 minutes to find and then bring back hot chocolate to warm us up – we love them!) and with a taste of Molly’s Revenge. Enjoy!


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