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Love me an elephant on a Saturday

on June 14, 2012

Howdy hey, friends! Sorry I’ve missed my last scheduled post or two. I have been wicked tired and drained of energy by the time I get home from work and pulling out the computer to blog just hasn’t sounded fun. But I’m feeling re-energized today so you’re in for a special treat.

In case ya’ll haven’t caught on by now we have really gotten into hiking this summer. It has been gorgeous weather and a little on the cooler side so it has been nice to be up in the mountains breaking a sweat. We tried a hike a few weeks back in Bountiful and hiked up the beautiful Mueller Park Trail to a huge white piece of stone that people lovingly refer to as “Elephant Rock”. It was about 7 miles round-trip and we took all the pups with us so that they could enjoy some outdoor exercise and soak up some vitamin D. We have big plans to continue our Saturday hikes throughout the summer and we would like to cap off the hiking season with a rigorous hike up the back side of Timpanogas. I’ll shut my yapper now and let the picture do the talking.


Porsche loves her Mama!


Beautiful view of the valley from Elephant Rock


I was taking the picture so my hubs was feeling a little 3rd-wheel-ish


Say “Cheese”!


Obligatory cousins shot… I love how Sparky is squinting so much it actually looks like he is smiling 🙂


On the trail there were the most beautiful wildflowers all over the place


 Another shot of all three pups with Britt and Steve


The twiners! As you can tell, the pups had just about had it at this point.

Does anyone have any fun summer hiking plans? We would LOVE suggestions of trails that we should try.


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