It's a Twinderful Life

Looking For the Silver Lining in All of Life's Clouds

Saworsche (Sa-war-sha)

on June 20, 2012

Sawyer + Porsche = Saworsche (gotta love the combined celebrity name)

I know Britt and I have introduced you to our children already, but I don’t know if we have explained the relationship between these two lovebirds yet. Yes, I said lovebirds. Technically speaking, they are cousins (Porsche belongs to Britt and Sawyer is my bundle o’ joy), but Porsche seems to think that Sawyer is her boyfriend. I know, I know, kinda gross, but hey, I dated my 10th cousin related through some adopted relative that I met at a family reunion once (that’s a story for another time, or maybe there isn’t any good time for that story now that I REALLY think about it) so we let it slide in this household. Heaven forbid I have no right to stop such a forbidden romance. Porsche loves to be around her “boyfriend” and tries to make Sparky (Britt’s other pup) jealous by completely ignoring him when Sawyer is around. I can.not.get.enough of these two together and since we’re all about finding the happiness her at Twinderful Life, I thought I’d give a shout-out to my main pups to let them know that my life would most likely be about 500% less interesting without them around. They rock my world in a HUGE way. Just take a look at the pics below and tell me that you don’t FEEL happier.


It worked, didn’t it? I bet you’re, at the very least, cracking a half-smile. If you don’t have pups in your life and you can stand the pet fur (and you don’t have allergies) I highly recommend adding to your family. I read somewhere once that pet owners live longer then their pet-less friends and since my hubby has promised me that he would live until I hit 100 years old (he’ll have to make it to 105) owning a pet or two won’t hurt a bit.

We’d love to hear about the pet-children in your life and how they bring a smile to your face!


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