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Please forgive us

on June 27, 2012

OMG kids. There is NO excuse for not posting for the past three days. Things have been CRAZY around here with paint flying everywhere, lenses falling out of glasses, a nephew’s first birthday party, a braces consultation for the hubs, a not so stellar market analysis coming back from our realtor on the condo, etc. We are still managing to have some fun in between, but unfortunately the posts have fallen through the cracks. Please forgive us! We’ll try to do better, I promise!. Today’s post is going to be  an Instagram dump just to let you know that we’re still alive until Bre posts something more interesting/more substantial tomorrow. Have a fantastic Wednesday!


2 responses to “Please forgive us

  1. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    No apologies necessary! I enjoy your updates whenever you’re able to make them. Is that the ring that Steve gave you when he proposed or is that another ring? I love it and think he has great taste if that’s the one he got for you. Did you help him before getting engaged? Anyway, just love it!

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks Karen! No, that is not my original ring. Steve got it for me for a Valentines gift one year and I like to swap it back and forth with my original. 🙂

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