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Fear Not

on July 3, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that you have BIG plans for the 4th of July that include plenty of fun, sun, and watermelon. I don’t know what it is but around this time every year all I want is cool, crispy, juicy watermelon. Yum! Here at Twinderful Life we’re going to take a break for the rest of the week to enjoy it with our families and will be back to regular blogging on Monday, so don’t think that we’ve fallen of the face of the earth.

Anywho, I was catching up on my blogs the other day when I cam across a fantastic post on my sister-in-law’s blog that reminded me of a recent conversation with a friend. This conversation was about how many of us struggle with fears that keep us from doing things, taking risks, and truly being happy. This is something that I am always trying to work on and I love how Katie put it:

“fear is a funny thing. it can keep us from reaching for our dreams and goals if we let it. But, it can also push us into doing things that we are most afraid of, because the fear of not knowing whether or not we will succeed outweighs our fear of the unknown.

fear drives me to do a lot of things. good or bad. it always has. for a long time, i let fear keep me from pursuing my dream of starting my own business. i let it overtake my want to take a leap of faith. for a long time, fear drove me away from reaching my ultimate goal.”

What is the business that Katie wants to start? A photography business. And she is GOOD. I don’t mean good in a “she’s my sister-in-law so I have to be nice and say that” kind of way. She really has an amazing talent. She took the pics of Bre and me that are posted on our “The Twins” page. Further on in her post Katie discloses how she’s let go of her fear of failing in a very competitive business, has put herself out there,  and has started to experience success beyond her wildest dreams. I am so happy for and proud of her! If you live in the greater Salt Lake area and are needing photos for any occasion you should definitely give her a ring at Sugar Photo Co.

I have been feeling inspired ever since I read this post, so here’s the challenge for today. Make up your mind to do something scary…something that you’ve put off doing because of fear. See how you feel. I’ll bet things will turn out so much better than you expect. I’ve found that they often do. Then, tell us about it! Inspire us! There is so much strength in sharing a common experience.

I’ll leave you with some of Katie’s amazing work. Have a great week!


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