It's a Twinderful Life

Looking For the Silver Lining in All of Life's Clouds


on July 28, 2012

Happy Saturday everyone. We’ve had a busy day here clearing the clutter and putting the final touches on our condo before we put it on the market next week. Pics will be coming soon. In the meantime, I saw this post idea on Jones Design Company, who got the idea from Lemonade Makin’ Mama, and thought it was fun and would give you a sneak peek into my life right now. So without further ado…

reading: How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton M. Christensen. It is SO fantastic so far and I would highly recommend it.

waiting for: Christmas. Random, I know, but the other day I had this amazingly strong yearning for snow, Christmas music, and hot chocolate by the fire.

excited about: An upcoming vacation with my sweetheart. We’re thinking Hawaii, but haven’t made any final decisions yet. I’ll keep you posted.

missing: The first two months of summer. I can’t believe they’re over already!

trying to: Muster up the energy to tackle the last think on our “get the condo ready to sell” list – painting the bathroom.

working on: Staging the condo (noticing a trend yet?)

enjoying: This article on Apartment Therapy about 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home. SO FANTASTIC! I’m really trying to be better at making my bed in the morning and I do notice that it makes me happier!

using: Boots Moisture Quench Night Cream. It was on clearance at Target, it’s hypoallergenic, and I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve only used it for the past two night but I love how it’s fragrance free and makes my skin feel ultra moisturized but not oily.

planning: A few exciting posts. I know a secret that is SO fantastic but my lips are currently sealed. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

singing: Anything with a dance beat. I’ve been feeling the need to shake my groove thang lately and anything with a beat has been right up my alley.

needing: More (and more restful) sleep. I don’t know what’s been going on lately but I’ve been randomly waking up several times a night. I feel uncomfortable but usually fall right back to sleep. Needless to say this interruption in my R.E.M. cycle is catching up with me.

learning: Patience. Then again, when am I not. 🙂

listening: to the hilarious antics of my coworkers. They are seriously some of the funniest people I know, and I feel blessed to work with them.

wishing: for someone who is going to love our condo and wants to snatch it up right after we put it on the market.

doing: watching the Olympics. The opening ceremony was long but pretty cool. At this very moment I’m watching Women’s Beach Volleyball and Team U.S.A. just won. Represent!

praying for: My husband in his job. It’s pretty stressful being a social worker in the NICU and he does a fantastic job, but I can imagine how draining this is. I’m praying that he continues to have enough energy, stamina, and support from his coworkers.

dreaming of: our new house! I’m excited/nervous about starting our search and hope that we can find the place that we’re supposed to live in.

There you have it, a mini snapshot of my life. I hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend with the perfect ratio of fun and relaxation!


4 responses to “Currently

  1. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    LOVE this post! So fun. I’m excited to hear about your surprise and your fun trip with Steve.

  2. Jeff Moore says:

    I hear Australia is a nice place to vacation. Lots of nice beaches plus the great barrier reef is right there as well. Just sayin’.

    • Brittany says:

      Hey Jeff…heck yes! We are definitely going to visit you guys while you are there. We have to give you time to find out where all of the cool places to go are. 🙂

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