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Finally, we have a Twinterview!

on August 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I apologize for the lack of posts last week. Things have been CRAZY ’round these parts. We finished staging and listing the condo (before and after pics coming soon) and took a weekend getaway to Deer Valley for our anniversaries (my 7th and Bre’s 2nd). We had a blast, and I’ll do a post on that soon too.

For now, I am SO excited to present you with our second Twinterview here on the blog (you can read about what a “Twinterview” is in this post). Although we haven’t been posting a Twinterview every Friday as we had hoped, we’re glad to have at least one for your reading pleasure. And buckle up, because it’s cute one.

Meet Jenny (and her husband, Jeff).

Jenny is my cousin-in-law (she is married to Steve’s cousin (Jeff)). Jenny is one of the most AMAZING women that I have the privilege of knowing. She’s patient, full of charity, has amazingly beautiful and skinny genes, and is so good at keeping things in perspective.

Now, meet Jenny’s family (including some fabulous extended family members).

See those ADORABLE girls of hers? Notice anything unique? Yep, you guessed it, Jeff and Jenny are lucky enough to have a pair of the cutest, chubbiest, fraternal twin girls. And all of the traits that I mentioned above make Jenny (in my opinion) a PERFECT candidate to be a mother to twins. I can’t get over their strawberry blonde hair and big blue eyes. Every time we go over to visit I can’t help squeezing their little cheeks and squishy arms and legs. They are to die for!

Somehow Jenny was able to take a few minutes to answer a few questions I had about what it’s like to be a mom to twins (which is an amazing task in and of itself, especially considering that fact that she now has a new baby boy to add to her fun and energetic family!). She offers some sound advice and I hope you enjoy hearing her answers as much as I did, so without further ado…

What are your twins’ names? Kinsey and Audrey

What was the birth order?Audrey first, Kinsey second

What is your favorite thing about having twins? Watching them twin talk, look for each other, and sit next to each other on steps.
What is the hardest part about having twins? Finding time to give them both individual attention, finding time to teach them individually, putting them both in their car seats.
How do you help to foster independence with your twins? I try to notice individual talents and point them out, I don’t dress them exactly the same  very often (but love the coordinating outfits), I try to give them each choices with what to wear, eat, etc.
How do you stay “sane” as a mother of twins? I keep a schedule of meals, naps or “quiet time”, and activities. I HAVE to wake up before they do to keep any sanity. We do LOTS of outings (this may sound like it would create insanity, but for me, I can get lonely or depressed staying in a lot, so taking them out is actually easier on me and they love it). I pray and read scriptures each morning and take a shower and plan out my day/week.
What do you do to save money with your twins? Hand-me-downs,, courtesy cones at Arctic Circle, free community activities, walks, parks, play-dates.
What is one piece of advice you would give to other mothers/fathers/parents of twins? The calmer you are the happier they will be. Sometimes that means that they take no bath when they could use one, a messy floor of toys that you close the door on, quitting nursing before your “ideal time”, saying “no” to extended family functions that would require you to kill yourself (and others in your immediate family) to get there and get out again, calling your mom to help clean out your van even though it’s embarrassing, and not worrying what people think of you. Instead, I care about what’s best for my family. I also know that taking care of my relationship with my husband quickly trickles down to them (the kids) and they thrive.
Isn’t she FABULOUS?! I think so. And as if having four children under the age of four isn’t enough, Jenny and her family are moving to Australia for two years! By themselves. She is so brave, and I am going to miss having her and her cute little ones around. Shoot, I guess Steve and I will just have to go visit them while they’re there. The pains I have to bear…
Have a fantastic day!

3 responses to “Finally, we have a Twinterview!

  1. Cathy says:

    Sounds like a laugh a mile a minute! oh how I remember those days so crazy and so much fun. thanks for sharing your story with us:)

  2. Hilary says:

    Jenny is insane. And amazing. 🙂
    more amazing then insane though. 🙂

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