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6 months.

on November 9, 2012

Happy Friday kids! And lo siento for the silence. Growing a little girl is hard work! You’ve probably noticed that many moons have passed since my 16 week pic of little girl. Well, you’re in luck today, folks, because I’m going to catch you up on how she’s been growing. I’m now 24 weeks along.  Enjoy!

16 weeks

17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks


6 responses to “6 months.

  1. chelseysharp says:

    Bre! You are so beautiful and I am so excited for you to be a mama! Hope all is well 🙂

  2. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    I love all of your outfits…so classy and beautiful. Of course, the person wearing them is beautiful with or without those outfits. So excited for you and your baby girl.

  3. Katie says:

    Breanna. I am SO excited for you!!! Babies are the best! And don’t worry, you just look absolutely Gorgeous pregnant! Jealous over here! So excited for you guys!!!

  4. Cathy says:

    Oh baby girl you are so so beautiful….. I am so excited for that sweet grand baby girl:) If she is anything like her mother she will be absolutely amazing!!! I love you so much words will never be able to express the joy you bring to my life:)

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