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guide to childbirth.

on January 30, 2013

OMG kids, I just finished one of the most FANTASTIC books I’ve ever read – “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.” Bre asked that all who are going to be in the room for baby girl’s arrival (I’m one of the lucky ones) read it and I am so glad that I did! I have literally never felt so empowered as a woman. I had no idea that my body was capable of such amazing and complex processes! Even though I’m not expecting a baby myself and may never have the opportunity to carry a biological child of my own, I feel like I’ve come to know myself better from reading this book. I want to take better care of myself and feel a newfound kinship with every female I come across (I apologize if this sounds crazy, but it’s true!). Seriously you guys, read it. It will expand your horizons and amaze you at how beautiful our bodies (both male and female) really are. We are so blessed.

Next on the docket to read: “Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” Bre is almost done with it and says there is so much more information in it besides how to breastfeed (e.g. like how to swaddle, how to take care of and really help a new mom out, nutrition, etc.). She says that it’s just as fantastic as the first. I can’t wait.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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