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mother’s day thoughts.

on May 7, 2013

Hi Friends,

I’ve missed communicating with all of you through the blog! Eventually I’ll get around to giving you an update on the goings on around here, but for today I wanted to share an awesome article that I read in our local newspaper. It’s written by Mara Kofoed, author of one of my favorite blogs of all time!

As you know, Steve and I have been walking the road of infertility. I know that everyone deals with this trial in their own way (and that this is a very sensitive topic), but for me, it has been (surprisingly) void of pain, fear, and sadness. Why? Maybe it’s a blessing or a spiritual gift. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to live my life in the way Mara describes in the article. Either way, I feel grateful for the perspective that I’ve been given and for the gratitude that I feel for my life every day, even though things turn out in ways unexpected.

For those of you who are walking this path of infertility too, my heart goes out to you. Please know that you’re not alone and that there is still so much beauty left in this life. You are not alone. You are beautiful and loved more than you will ever know.

This Mother’s Day, I will be thinking of you.


One response to “mother’s day thoughts.

  1. Karen (Soulier) Bourne says:

    Thanks for sharing that article. It’s beautiful.

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