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Gettin’ our vacation on, Carefree-style.

Holy Cow, kids! We have hit the jackpot!  Who knew that Arizona was such an amazingly beautiful place? We originally choose this vaca spot because we knew it would be warm with lot’s of sunshine (and we found a Groupon for this aweso me resort that we’re staying at) and have been stunned by how gorgeous it is here. We’ve slept in every day, laid out by the pool, eaten naughty things, and have just enjoyed being together. We don’t make plans, we just wake up every morning and do whatever we feel like doing. It is fantastic! A girl could get used to this…

Another shocker – Carefree, AZ (just north of Scottsdale) is probably the wealthiest place we’ve encountered – even more so than Beverly Hills! Seriously, when we first arrived we started noticing that almost every car we passed was amazingly luxurious – Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Corvette, and the list goes on. Last night after eating our grass-fed Black Angus burgers (we have NEVER been to a restaurant that offers grass-fed beef before coming here – another sign of ritziness) we drove to a Target and Breanna counted 28 luxury cars in a pretty empty parking lot. The target itself was the most beautiful one we’ve ever seen. If it hadn’t been for the sign out front we might have mistaken it for some kind of fancy spa or gym or something. It was so clean inside, EVERYTHING was in its place, and the place was empty – at 9 PM at night. That never happens at home, and it was so nice to have the store all too ourselves (and we got a little crazy, as you’ll see in the pics below).

By this point we decided to do some google research on our phones to see just how rich the residents here are and, guess what, there are 5 BILLIONAIRES that live here. The median home price is over 1 MILLION dollars, and the MEDIAN income per person is $40 K/year (compared to a national average of $20 k/year). Wowsers! I guess we should have known this on day one when we went to a matinée showing of What to Expect When You’re Expecting (such a great show) and paid $15 PER TICKET and sat in LEATHER SOFA CHAIRS. And don’t even get me started on the amazingly gorgeous bathroom in the place (pictured below).

Moral of the story, everyone needs to come and visit this place at least once in their lifetime. And come in May. The temps aren’t too hot and the place is practically deserted. We feel like we’re sharing the entire resort with maybe 15 other people. It rocks!

We hope that you and yours are planning a fantastic, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Chat with you later!

Mom & Me getting ready for take-off.

Mom &  Bre having WAY to much fun at target

Our Brie, cherry compote, and pecan appetizer at dinner – SO delish!

They have a Trader Joe’s here. We’ve missed having one close by. And this cookie butter – not an ounce of healthy in it but it is SO GOOD!

Our home away from home. They’re taking good care of us here.

The botanical garden at the resort.

The view from our walk-out porch – just ten steps from the pool. That’s how we roll…

The bathroom at the movie theater…OMG.

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