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diabetes and redemption.

Oh my gosh, you guys. I watched this video this morning because I was interested by the title: “What if we’re wrong about Diabetes?” And I was TOTALLY floored by what I saw. I’ve been thinking this way about diabetes and other illnesses for a couple of years now, but I didn’t expect many others, especially a physician trained in western medicine, to think the same way. Not only was I surprised to learn that an E.R. doctor is trying to change how we think about/treat diabetes and insulin resistance, but I was also touched by his humility. In short, I felt inspired.

As some of you know, Steve was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 5 years ago. It was completely out of the blue. He had no noticeable signs or symptoms and wasn’t overweight. We’re lucky that it showed up on a routine blood test.

Since then, we’ve been trying different ways of eating and exercise to see if we can “reverse” it. We’re making progress.

This video is SO WORTH the 16 minutes.

Have a great week!

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choosing happiness: part 5,001.

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your Father’s Day was a good one! We had a beautiful day here in Salt Lake and only wish it would have lasted longer.

As you well know by now, we’re passionate about the topic of choosing happiness here. I read this post this morning from one of my favorite blogs of all time (if I haven’t mentioned that already) and wanted to pass it on to you. I’ve tried “pursuing virtues” in my own life and have seen firsthand how practicing this really does give you the ability to feel true happiness regardless of circumstance.

I hope it inspires you like it did me!

Have a great week!

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Happy Tuesday all! I apologize for the lack of posts last week…I was off witnessing one of the most┬ábeautiful things I’ve ever seen! The birth of this little gem:


Scarlett Justyne Barney

Born on 3/3/13 at 12:24 PM

8 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long


Bre and Scarlett are doing great. And isn’t this picture one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen?! (minus the heavily pixilated picture)

Scarlett Owl

Here’s Scarlett on her way home from the hospital yesterday.

She is the most precious thing and I feel lucky to be her Aunt. I’ll let Bre log on and share the birth story when she has a minute (it’s a good one). Until then, I’ll just be squeezing my new little niece so tight and thanking the heavens that she’s here, safe and sound.

Have a great week!

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happy lovers day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know it’s a day late but I wanted to say it anyway. Wherever you are in your relationship (or lack thereof) to a significant other I hope that you were at least able to celebrate love in its many forms. Over here I’m recuperating from a nasty sinus infection that took me down like a deer so we haven’t celebrated yet, but I’m looking forward to spending some romantic time with my sweetheart in the near future.

At work yesterday I felt like I was in elementary school. People were passing around Valentines and candy and it was so fun! I had every intention of passing out some Valentines myself but it wasn’t in the cards since I had literally been in bed for the 5 days prior. Oh well, I’ll look forward to next year. One of my coworkers sent around a few Valentines that I thought were SO creative and fun, and I thought I’d share a few of my faves here.

nerdy valentines


nerdy valentines






I also came across this TED talk about the secret to desire in a long term relationship that I found very interesting. It’s 19 minutes long but is a very captivating talk. It definitely gives some food for thought.

I hope that you have a fun (3-day, for some of us) weekend ahead of you. My schedule for the weekend includes chopping off 15 inches of my hair, sleeping, going to Breanna’s last doula appointment where we’re going to do a “fear release” (which sounds awesome), sleeping, loving my husband and pups, hoping that my taste buds start working again soon (which I lost 7 days ago from all of the sinus congestion), helping sis in the final┬ápreparations┬ábefore baby girl makes her appearance, and did I mention sleeping? It’s going to be epic…


love (cont.)

I saw this video today and it made my heart smile. Isn’t love the best, most beautiful and perfect thing? We are truly lucky to be on this earth to experience it in all of its forms.

Have a great Tuesday!

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