It's a Twinderful Life

Looking For the Silver Lining in All of Life's Clouds

No matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied and dying along the way.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up how the move went this weekend. (name that quote)

Ok, it wasn’t as bad as all that – we didn’t lose any friends and only left a few people partially blooded and dying along the way. All I can say is that I am SO glad that is over with! It’s funny to watch reactions of people when they’re tired and hungry – I may or may not have, in a moment of duress, vowed on my firstborn child’s life that when we finally move into a house we are going to become stark minimalists. If you asked Steve, he’d tell you that we’re NEVER moving AGAIN! I don’t see that happening since I’m pretty sure that BreMiah won’t want us a perpetual roomates, but we’ve learned a few lessons about what/what not to do when you move. We’ll save that for another post.

Today, I just wanted to say howdy hey and let you know that we’re still alive (and have been having WAY to much fun living under the same roof). We’re SO grateful for all of our family who showed up on Saturday to help us move all of our “how-much-crap-can-two-people-sans-kids-have?” We seriously would have been ruined without them.

So today, whilst I rest my poor out-of-shape muscles, please enjoy this tune that I’ve been crushing on as of late:


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It’s Thursday, my favorite day of the week. Woohoo! I hope that you’re all just as excited and have something fun planned for the weekend.

We’re getting things ready to move here whilst enjoying our last few days of being downtown-Salt-Lake-City-ites. I didn’t think I would miss our tiny little condo and have been surprised by some of the feelings of nostalgia and sadness that I’ve been experiencing as we get closer to moving day. It’s funny how you end up missing things that you never thought you would. But, as Bre is constantly reminding me lately, “the only constant in life is change.” I’m excited to move on to another life chapter but will thoroughly miss these past 7 years that we’ve spent downtown.

On a happier note, did I mention that Steve and I will be living with BreMiah while we look for a house? One word…PARTY! Seriously, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to handle that much fun in one house, but we’ll try our best.

On to today’s topic – hilarious. I know that I’ve mentioned how blessed I am to have such awesome coworkers. I can’t believe how much I laugh throughout the day – it’s awesome! We can all use a good laugh now and again and, in this vein, I thought I’d share some of the gems that they’ve been sharing lately. Enjoy! (Please note: this may not be as funny to you as it is to me – maybe you’d have to be here to hear it in person? In either case, please accept my apologies if you’re not chuckling by the end of this list)

“Let’s aks the boss.” (Picture a really tall, lanky white guy saying this)


Coworker 1: (Upon seeing one of these in the parking lot) I think they need to come up with a new truck classification for those.

Coworker 2: For what?

Coworker 1: Aren’t the vans with no windows in the back the ones that pedafiles use? They should call it a Pedi Truck. They haven’t really explored that market yet.


(Sung from one coworker to another (who has only daughters) to the tune of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”)

“Denis, the emotionally awkward employee,

Lives with a bunch of girls.

And a day doesn’t go by

When he has to buy some pearls (as in Tampax!)”


(Sung from one coworker to another to a tune that I’m not familiar with)

“I want to beat up Denis.

It’s going to be real fun.

I’ll knee him in the spine

And punch him in the bum.”


Background: We were sitting in a meeting when one of my coworkers volunteered to make an uncomfortable phone call to a vendor that we work with. He was met with this response from another one of our team members.

“You take charge – that’s why I’m so attracted to you.”


I hope you got a few laughs in. With all of the busting up that I do around here on a daily basis perhaps I shouldn’t be so worried about my sore lack of working out lately. You know what they say, laughing is like jogging on the inside. And I say, jog on!


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