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Looking For the Silver Lining in All of Life's Clouds

the moon.

Happy Thursday all! I’m thoroughly enjoying my favorite day of the week here and can’t wait for Bre’s midwife appointment today! I’m secretly hoping that she’s dilated, at least a little bit. If not, I’ll continue practicing patience as I await the arrival of my first niece.

In the meantime, I have been MAJORLY crushing on this song lately. I’ve loved this song for years but today I just feel so relaxed listening to the beautiful (almost haunting) voices and the repetitive reminder to “slow down.” I’m not sure what the lyrics mean when you put them all together, but it’s definitely making me more productive at work! Enjoy!

P.S. Don’t expect anything fantastic from the video…the picture of the moon stays the entire time. 🙂

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love (cont.)

I saw this video today and it made my heart smile. Isn’t love the best, most beautiful and perfect thing? We are truly lucky to be on this earth to experience it in all of its forms.

Have a great Tuesday!

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I came across this awesome video today about the first ever “Love Competition.” Sound weird? I thought so too, until I watched it. It is such a sweet testament to what love really is and how it can last for years and years. Enjoy!